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Headquarters in
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Press photo - Headquarters in Laupheim

Headquarters of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG in Laupheim, Germany

Press photo - Headquarters in Laupheim

Headquarters of Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG in Laupheim, Germany

Press photo - Uhlmann Technician

Assembly of packaging machines

Press photo - Plant

Production of parts and tools

Press photo - Location USA

Location of Uhlmann Packaging Systems L.P. in Towaco, USA

B 1240


B 1660

B 1880

C 2155

C 2504

BEC 300

BEC 300
BEC 500

S 3040

E 4004

CPC 10

IBC 120

IBC 240

L 180

L 250

Press photo - Blister machine B 1240

The Blister machine B 1240 is a multi-talent - easy to operate with many sophisticated technical features and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Press photo - Blister machine UPS 5

Blister machine UPS 5 with a large format area ensures maximum application diversity and productivity.

Press photo - Blister machine B 1660

The Blister machine B 1660 is a universal high-performance machine that processes up to 750 blisters/minute.

Press photo - Blister machine B 1880

Attaining an output of 1,300 blisters/minute, the B 1880 is the world's fastest blister machine.

Press photo - Cartoner C 2155

The Cartoner C 2155 is suitable for the pharmaceutical packaging of solidas as well as liquids.

Press photo - Cartoner C 2504

Cartoner C 2504 packages up to 500 cartons/minute which makes it the ideal machine for high-speed and super high-speed production.

Press photo - Blister Express Center 300

The compact Blister Express Center 300 for the packaging of small and medium sized batches is a convincing option that offers customary high quality at a surprisingly low price.

Press photo - Blister Express Center 300 with Containment

The Blister Express Center 300 with containment solution for packaging of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Press photo - Blister Express Center 500

Pack solid dose products efficiently and flexibly - with the Blister Express Center 500, a dual-lane packaging line for the medium output range.

Press photo - Stretch-banding machine S 3040

Stretch-banding machine S 3040 - space-saving, reliable, low in maintenance.

Press photo - Case packer E 4004

The Case packer E 4004 guarantees maximum process reliability and flexibility for the packaging of cartons or bundles in cardboard cases.

Press photo - Case Packaging Center 10

The Case Packaging Center 10 combines a case packer and a palletizer in one productive unit.

Press photo - Integrated Bottle Center 120

Productivity and flexibility combined in a bottle filler for solid dose products: the Integrated Bottle Center 120 allows the efficient packaging of quickly alternating small to medium-sized batches.

Press photo - Integrated Bottle Center 240

The Integrated Bottle Center 240 combines the benefits of Uhlmann's first bottle filler for solid dose products with improved performance, a more compact design, and other technical refinements.

Press photo - Labeler L 180

No matter whether round, oval or rectangular containers made of plastic or glass - the Labeler L 180 ensures efficient labeling.

Press photo - Labeler L 250

The Labeler L 250 with its large format area and fast, tool-free format changeovers is the ideal match for the Integrated Bottle Center 120.



Track & Trace

Spare Parts




Press photo - E-Shop

The E-Shop is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day and can be reached from anywhere: as a source of information and a virtual showroom.

Press photo - TopTools

Tested tool quality and comprehensive know-how from a single source.

Press photo - Track & Trace by Uhlmann

Track & Trace by Uhlmann marks all packaging units - from the blister via the carton to the pallet.

Press photo - Spare Parts

Prompt supply of spare parts

Press photo - Production Support

Support during on-going production

Press photo - Validation

Validation service

Press photo - Upgrades

An Uhlmann Upgrade brings older machines up to state-of-the-art technological standards. The integration of a new operating system is just one example.

Press photo - Output Optimization

Focus on all parameters: Output Optimization starts with a comprehensive production analysis to assess which factors have what influence on the customer?s packaging process.

Press photos - SmartControl operation system

Straightforward, efficient operation with SmartControl - aligned to the production process, the clear and uniform structure of the SmartControl operating system ensures correct intuitive operation.

Logo blue/black

Logo black

Press photo - Logo blue/black

Logo, 60 mm

Press photo - Logo black

Logo, 60 mm