Integrated systems: innovative bottle lines for solid dose products

The IBC 120 and IBC 240 from Uhlmann are two pharmaceutically compliant, integrated lines for the packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles. This is a new machine generation for very efficient, flexible, and user-friendly packaging. Two labelers with appropriate output, L 180 and L 250, complete the end-to-end lines.

Bottle line IBC 120

Max. 150 bottles/min.
Max. 24,000 products/min.

Bottle line IBC 240

Max. 240 bottles/min.
Max. 42,000 products/min.

Labeler L 180

Max. 180 bottles/min. (round)
Max. 165 bottles/min. (rectangular, oval)

Labeler L 250

Max. 250 bottles/min. 

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