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Attention: Do not continue operation in the case of a crash.

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For an accurate analysis, please also send us the following:

- Empty blister (produced shortly before removing the tool)

- Unfilled, sealed web with waste grid (taken from the machine when removing the tool)


Please ensure that submitted blisters and webs remain unbent.

Immediate repair:

Speed is the essence when repairs are necessary. You can commission servicing or repairs without bureaucracy by using this form. Simply click on the desired cost limit. Our service experts will then start work after receipt of your data. The parts are returned to you in no time.

** If the actual repair costs are lower than your selected limit, we will naturally only charge the incurred costs. If the costs exceed the limit, we will submit a cost estimate.


We charge a fee of 100 € for a diagnosis or a cost estimate. This charge is offset against repair costs or the purchase price of a replacement.

You have completed all the relevant fields and you are familiar with our terms of repair? The parts are free of product residue? Then you can complete the procedure: simply click on "Send" and the information will go straight to the postbox of our service experts. You will receive an e-mail with the details for your records.

IMPORTANT: Once you have forwarded the details, a print version of the form appears. Please print, sign, and enclose this with the parts to be returned.

Forward parts to:

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG

Uhlmannstr. 14–18

88471 Laupheim


In the interest of occupational health, all parts must be clean and free of product residue. Otherwise, I am aware that Uhlmann will not accept the parts and will return them at my expense.*

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