For 100 percent process quality

visiotec GmbH is a separate Uhlmann center of excellence. The company is dedicated to the development and marketing of inspection systems for the automated pharmaceutical production process. visiotec focuses on a key issue of pharmaceutical production, namely the need for solutions that ensure maximum production quality and maximum productivity on the basis of 100 percent inline inspection.

Maximum reliability at maximum speed

A wide range of inspection systems for optimum quality control:

  • Integrated monitoring in the field of inspection
  • Wide spectrum of consulting services ranging up to full process integration
  • Development and production

Including comprehensive support services.

More about visiotec GmbH:

Data and facts

Founded 2000, restructured in 2013
Location Laupheim (Germany), New Jersey (USA), Arlesheim (CH)

Contact persons visiotec GmbH

Managing Director 

Photo of Michael  Nuber

Phone +49 7392 702 8324
Fax +49 7392 702 1324
Mobile +49 151 5767 9074

Head of Sales 

Photo of Christoph  Lehmann

Phone +49 7392 702-8604
Fax +49 7392 702-1604
Mobile +49 151 1177-4269

Directions visiotec GmbH

visiotec GmbH Phone +49 7392 702-8712
Uhlmannstraße 14-18 Fax +49 7392 8539
88471 Laupheim E-Mail
USA Office: Phone +1 973 362-8885