Condition Monitoring

Optimize machine uptime and productivity.

Experience is good. Automated monitoring is better.

What is a “critical” component, and when should it be serviced to avert an unscheduled machine stop that could result in high costs? Naturally, empirical data and the individual assessment of employees are helpful here. Both are often accurate, but what happens if this is not the case? In addition to the defect component, it can be that other elements are affected, despite previously being nowhere near their wear limit. That costs time and money. Uhlmann Condition Monitoring replaces this “gut instinct” with ongoing, automated monitoring and analysis of the machine status. Signs of wear and atypical operating performance are recognized and reported at an early stage. Maintenance and repairs can be planned systematically in conjunction with the production calendar, and any services that may be necessary on various machine or lines can be coordinated.

How you benefit from Condition Monitoring:

  • Early recognition and timely rectification of deficiencies
  • Analyses and corresponding stocking of parts
  • Planning and coordination of repairs and maintenance work
  • Access to machine and process parameters at all times

Correct utilization of Condition Monitoring enhances machine availability and productivity


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