Tool Management

Manage tools an format parts intelligently.

The new generation of tool management.

You wish to efficiently plan, organize, and document all aspects of tool management for your machines and lines, or even the complete production facilities? The overall logistics of format handling should be networked, including all upstream and downstream logistic processes? This should all be user-friendly and easy to organize? Your solution: Uhlmann Tool Management. In addition to the management of your entire format part inventory, the system also focuses on issues such as documentation of the process workflows, as well as quality and maintenance management.

How Tool Management enhances your daily work routine:

  • Fully transparent tool and format part inventory at all times
  • Reliable, efficient setup planning
  • Systematic tool provision for faster setup processes and format changeovers
  • Added production reliability due to reliable planning
  • Added process reliability as only suitable tools are used
  • Life cycle management of the tool inventory
  • Tool cockpit with all information on every single tool
  • Better use of stock due to tool sharing
  • Format setup assistant

Step-by-step Tool Management:

  • Creation of the standard format set in the batch manager in accordance with the production plan
  • Automated availability verification using the plausibility check
  • Notification of storage location – with details of maintenance status and alternative options
  • Selection approval by the user
  • Preparation of the orders
  • Earmarking in the storage system/at the storage location ready for activation/taking out of storage
  • Use of the tool at the machine/line
  • Instruction for return transport to the storage location, possibly including cleaning or testing processes


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