For 100 percent product monitoring of tablets in bottles

The integrated inspection system BottleChrom checks breakage, shape and color of the solid dose products. The high-performance color camera system is dedicated to the inspection of tablets packaged in bottles. Fitted into the bottle lines above the tablet counting modules, BottleChrom monitors the products as they run over the separating or feeding channels. The system is modular, each camera head can monitor up to two counting modules.

  • Reliable recognition of color, shape and breakage
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Applicable for all pharmaceutical solid dose products
  • Integration into slat counters and electronic tablet counters

Technical Data

Camera resolution

CCD color camera, RGB 2,500 x 2,000 pixels


2,000 objects per cycle at 60 cycles/min.


white with polarization filters

Recognition of product features

position, foreign particles, presence, shape, chipping, product dimensions and color

Statistical data

entry for every type of fault, each individual bottle per batch

Storage capacity

solid-state onboard flash-drive

Operating system

Windows XP embedded


TCP/IP network interface, USB port

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