Guaranteed color integrity

VisioChrom CV is a versatile color inspection system not only capable of recognizing the presence and position of different products, but also their color integrity. VisioChrom CV can be additionally equipped with a light device from underneath, e.g. for white products in white film.

  • Quick and easy operation with guided teach-in
  • Applicable for all types of pharmaceutical products and materials
  • Multi-trigger function for enhanced resolution for large formats
  • Win 10, solid-state (onboard flash-drive) for most reliable running stability and inspection performance

Technical Data

Camera resolution

1936 x 1216 pixels CMOS camera, RGB


1,000 items per cycle up to 300 cycles/min.


LED panel with polarization filters

Fitted on following machine types

intermittent and continuous motion, multi-trigger function to extend the inspection area for large formats

Recognized properties

presence, position, color, size/shape, foreign particles and broken, cracked, crushed or chipped products

Recorded statistics

statistical evaluation of every type of flaw, for each individual pocket, every blister, every batch


8 GB solid-state-drive (SSD)

Operating system

Win 10


TCP/IP network interface, USB ports, VNC server, Touch-/SmartControl and Uhlmann SCADA interface

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