Guaranteed color integrity

VisioChrom Micro is a versatile color inspection system not only capable of recognizing the presence and position of different products, but also their color integrity. VisioChrom Micro can be additionally equipped with a light device from underneath, e.g. for white products in white film.

  • Quick and easy operation with guided teach-in
  • Applicable for all types of pharmaceutical products and materials
  • Multi-trigger function for enhanced resolution for large formats
  • Win 10, solid-state (onboard flash-drive) for most reliable running stability and inspection performance

Technical Data

Camera resolution

800 x 600 pixels CCD chip camera, RGB


up to 300 cycles/min., designed for Blister machine B 1240 and B 1330


fluorescent tubes with polarization filters

Fitted on following machine types

intermittent and continuous motion

Recognized properties

presence, position, color, size

Recorded statistics

statistical evaluation of every type of flaw and every blister


1 GB solid-state-drive (SSD)

Operating system

Win 10


TCP/IP network interface, USB ports, VNC server

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