Digital Training

Operator instruction at any time, anywhere

Your production continues while your employees are trained. A new level of instruction.

The familiarization of new employees or instruction at a machine cost time and money. Production-free periods have to be scheduled or employees have to visit the Uhlmann Training Center for instruction. Our digital training platform LEON ideally complements training courses in Laupheim or on-site instruction. Your employees learn online and on demand using video tutorials. The videos cover typical tasks such as the handling of basic functions, format changeovers, line clearance, machine cleaning, or batch management.

How the training platform LEON upgrades personnel instruction:

  • Short, intensive training modules with a high learning effect
  • E-learning prior to commissioning
  • Tailored, practically oriented training for operators as well as maintenance, servicing, IT, and automation personnel
  • Knowledge platform with community and commenting function
  • Flexible application on all terminals

Overview of the key functions:

  • Video search: search using keywords to quickly find helpful videos in the case of a malfunction or problem
  • On-demand training videos: needs-based, short training units – accessible at all times with a replay option
  • Documentation: a description of every video can be downloaded
  • Comments: every video can be commented on and rated
  • Community sharing: employees can upload their own videos, images, and documents to share with colleagues

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