Process Guidance

SOP execution and documentation

Digital SOP workflow: very simple, simply smart.

Your check lists are printed out, distributed, carried around, filled out by hand, collected, and filed? SOP check lists on paper are a thing of the past with our smart KALUNA process guidance! Developed to meet the specifications of pharmaceutical production, KALUNA ensures that your particular standard processes, e.g., servicing, maintenance, format changeovers, or line clearance, are carried out correctly. Your employees receive assistance via HoloLens smartglasses when carrying out the various SOPs. These augment the physical surroundings by displaying additional information such as texts, images, and videos. This intelligent process guidance ensures correct and faster completion of the SOPs, and everything is documented automatically.

How KALUNA simplifies your processes:

  • Digital guidance through the process with access via tablet, smartphone or HMI
  • Assistance with additional information provided by HoloLens smartglasses
  • Intelligent and flexible distribution of jobs between employees and teams
  • Shorter SOP process, added machine availability
  • Full process/lifecycle management from definition to evaluation
  • Transparent documentation accessible to all persons involved
  • Identification and utilization of improvement potential
  • Reliable pharmaceutical processes due to standardized procedures
  • Fast familiarization of new personnel

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