Communicate across systems and technologies.

Data exchange: straightforward, comprehensive, and universal.

Exchange data vertically and horizontally between various systems, monitor system-relevant states to optimize processes, and achieve connectivity scaled to suit your needs – all from a single source? We have the optimal solution for you: Uhlmann Connectivity. Interfaces, OPC UA (server and client), Uhlmann Message Broker, OPEN SCS, and Machine Integration: depending on the requirements, these five products that can be applied individually or all together – for  maximum benefit.

Connectivity – your benefits:

  • Adaptive modularity and omnidirectional networking: all machines/devices, irrespective of the technology, communicate with each other
  • Unrestricted scalability: total solution adaptable to every size of company, regardless of the number of machines/devices
  • Full data integrity: all systems, e.g., ERP, MES, remain autarkic; data are exchanged but not centralized
  • Monitoring of all system-relevant states, also communication between the machines/devices
  • Intelligent data: semantics transform data into information and, through correlation, into knowledge
  • Interfaces: integration of open and proprietary standards


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We connect. You control.

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