Supervisory Control

Manage production efficiently and transparently.

Processes with potential. For added productivity.

You would like to capture, display, and analyze key performance indicators? You wish to ensure full transparency throughout the entire production process? At every single line, at your production location? And establish precisely where there is potential for added productivity? Uhlmann Supervisory Control solutions are the key to this. All the systems provide the necessary figures (OEE) for a consistent analysis and optimized processes at the touch of a button.

How to attain transparency in your pharmaceutical production:

  • Central format, order, and user management
  • Handling of data of all connected machines and equipment
  • Preplanned KPI and OEE calculations
  • Web-based reports for a quick overview
  • Easy monitoring and control of the pharmaceutical packaging
  • Reports according to customer specifications; integration into existing solutions
  • Easy vertical integration into common MES/ERP systems
  • Open interfaces for inter-machine and inter-line monitoring and order functions
  • Integration of machines from other manufacturers

Overview of the key functions:

Web-based application: Access and operation via web browser
System integration: Integration of Supervisory Control as hardware or virtual machine in the customer’s IT infrastructure
Order management: Central allocation of production orders and starting at the line via drop-down selection or scanner function
Product management: Management of various product master data, import/export via XML, approval processes, and versioning for master data and formulas
Audit trail: Automatic logging of GMP-relevant actions on the server, provision and recovering of audit trail data
User management: Inter-line user management with freely configurable user groups; if required, connection to the customer’s domain
Interfaces: Communication with machines/equipment via standard (OPC UA, DA, AE) and proprietary interfaces
E-mail notification: Automatic notification of defined events
Reporting: Comprehensive reporting on all integrated functions
Database backupCyclic backup and maintenance of databases
Language switching: Change of language during operation
Formula management: Automatic loading of machine formulas/formats on integrated machines/equipment
Remote access: Activation and operation of machines/equipment via the line terminal (master PC)
Event and error handling: Monitoring of events/errors and provision of information for correction


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