Productivity is more than the sum of parts.

Uhlmann tools and format parts are renowned for their reliability and top quality. It makes no difference whether you wish to package solid or parenteral in blisters, or solid dose products in bottles. Our range of format parts, also for feeding systems, is as diverse as your product portfolio. We rely on well-founded technical knowledge stemming from 70,000 standard and special tool sets, as well as 30,000 feeder solutions worldwide.

The way to your TopTool

  • Consultation with added value:
    Individual advice is the first step. Joint examination and analysis of your requirements serve to subsequently achieve precision results.
  • Design and production under one roof:
    We draft, draw, plan, and manufacture your tool. All product and design data are archived for long-term reference.
  • Run-in on original machines:
    All tools are tested by us under simulated production conditions on Uhlmann blister machines. What does that mean for you? A fast, on-site startup phase. This service is unique to Uhlmann.
  • Approved and documented final inspection:
    An in-house specialist is responsible for the final approval. The process is monitored and documented. We will gladly supply resulting parameter settings that are of relevance to you.
  • Plug-and-play dependability:
    Our experts will gladly attend your tool run-in, carry out reprogramming, and assist with validation.

Your benefits:

  • Full production protection with precision, custom-fitted format parts designed to your requirements
  • Maximum machine uptime due to plug-and-play fitting
  • Investment security due to long life cycle and maximum efficiency
  • Solutions for a diverse range of products, including complex shapes and susceptible tablets

Full service for punching tools

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