Patent on secure clamping and fast setups.

Heavy tools, cumbersome insertion of the perforating knives involving the tightening and loosening of screws, or threads susceptible to wear? These are all no longer an issue with our patented perforating knife clamping. Each knife is simply placed between the two clamping jaws of a cone, which is closed by pulling the piston at the lower end. Retooling is completed with little effort, the knives are perfectly in place, and they retain their correct position during the entire packaging process. An additional advantage is the option of aluminum tools, which are significantly lighter in weight. The patented form of clamping is currently used on various blister machines for solid dose products and on the BLU 400.

Your benefits:

  • Wear-free, secure, and accurate knife clamping
  • Tools lighter in weight
  • Easy, ergonomic handling
  • Faster, tool-free changeovers

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