From product to brand communication

The global market for parenterals, which for example includes vaccines, is growing dynamically. Parenterals are usually available in liquid form in ampules or vials. Due to the sensitivity of their active ingredients, they pose major challenges for the packaging line when they are packed in trays and cartons. Uhlmann Pac-Systeme designed the PTC 200 Parenteral Tray Center especially for this complex requirement profile. The innovative packaging line enables users to reduce their resource consumption and CO2 emissions, and also allows them more flexibility in terms of formats and materials while maintaining a high level of efficiency and product safety.

For its PTC 200 launch campaign, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme decided to work with the B2B marketing and communications specialists at wob. Together, they identified a key challenge for the PTC 200 campaign: despite more than 40 years of expertise in packaging parenterals, Uhlmann was primarily seen in the market as a provider of blister packaging solutions for tablets and other solid medications. Uhlmann Pac-Systeme and wob therefore went for a two-phase campaign. The first phase focused on establishing Uhlmann Pac-Systeme as a leader in parenteral packaging. In the second phase, the PTC 200 itself was at the center of the communication activities.

Combining individual perspectives to create a 360° picture

In developing the campaign concept, the different perspectives of technology, sales, product management and marketing were brought together for the first time from the beginning on Parenteral Packaging Competence. The result is an integrated campaign not only promoting a product, but also positioning Uhlmann as a parenteral expert in the market. Another milestone is the implementation of a digital process that combines Lead-Generation, Follow-up in Sales and documentation. The campaign received the prestigious German Brand Award for the innovative integration of brand and product communication into a comprehensive concept and for using digital processes to generate leads.

The German Brand Award:

The German Brand Award is a competition organized by the German Brand Institute. The German Brand Institute foundation aims to strengthen the importance of a brand as a crucial success factor for companies in the national and international marketplace. With the German Brand Award, the foundation honors outstanding brand management with a unique award.

About wob:

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