Uhlmann employees contribute EUR 90,000


Uhlmann handed over a EUR 100,000 check made out to the "Radio 7-Drachenkinder" at the Radio 7 Charity Night held in the Congress Center Ulm on November 12, 2016. Employees had accumulated the major share of this sum over recent years through premiums awarded for suggestions made through the corporate improvement scheme. The sum of EUR 90,000 had recently been attained. The Executive Board topped up the amount. Consequently, the sum of EUR 100,000 from Laupheim was passed on the "Radio 7 Drachenkinder" cause: the largest individual donation in the history of the "Drachenkinder". 

The EUR 100,000 donation will undoubtedly be a major topic on December 27 and 29 at Radio 7: the Ulm radio station has invited Uhlmann employees to actively shape several hours of the music program on those days as a a thank-you.