Uhlmann Demonstrates the Interplay of Packaging Lines and Services

The Pharmazing Days take place in the new assembly and logistics hall this year. Uhlmann is exhibiting five state-of-the-art pharmaceutical packaging lines – more than at any other trade show – over an area of 5,500 square meters. One focal aspect is the interplay of innovative machine technology and coordinated services.

Blister machine BLU 400 with Cartoner C 2305 and Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP): packaging of liquid dose products in a new dimension
Having made a widely acclaimed debut at ACHEMA 2015, the Blister machine BLU 400 is exhibited in Laupheim with a Cartoner C 2305 and a mobile serialization unit with modules for printing, inspection, and tamper-evident labeling. Gentle product handling throughout the entire process improves efficiency, while also minimizing cleaning and machine downtimes. Other features contributing to cost-efficient packaging are the optimum utilization of the full format area, multi-lane operation, and fast format changeovers with automated station positioning in the web direction. The efficiency of a line is also influenced by the required format parts and tools. The Uhlmann service experts will use this line to demonstrate the ideal integration of Uhlmann TopTools into the packaging process. Furthermore, they will explain ToolManagement by Uhlmann, the user-friendly software, which records and manages all stocked format parts – for all machines, irrespective of their make.

Blister line BEC 300: compact, added-value combination
The compact Blister line BEC 300 with its fast format changeovers is geared to the packaging of many smaller batches. It has a maximum output of 300 blisters and 150 cartons per minute. The latest generation of the BEC 300 achieves this performance not only when handling standard products, but also in the case of solid dose products of less common shape, e.g. very long tablets. Furthermore, it is now capable of sealing large, rigid aluminum blisters with a maximum forming depth of 10 mm. A Track & Trace solution is integrated into the cartoner module of the exhibited line. At the BEC 300 line, visitors can additionally learn about ServicePlus. Based on the four modules telephone hotline, remote service, on-site service, and spare parts availability, customers can combine a service package tailored to their Uhlmann line.

Blister line BEC 500 with Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP): flexible all-arounder
Flexible on account of fast format changeovers, efficient due to double-lane operation, and reliable owing to perfect integration of the blister and cartoner modules: these features make the BEC 500 a sought-after blister line for the packaging of medium-sized batches of solid dose products. The maximum output is 500 blisters and 300 cartons per minute – including serialization and labeling. Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive of the EU is also demonstrated at this line using the mobile Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP). In conjunction with the BEC 500, the USP prints a variable 2D code on each carton, verifies it, and then applies a tamper-evident label, as required by the directive.

Bottle line IBC 120 with Labeler L 250 and Case Packaging Center CPC 10: perfect combination for solid dose products in bottles
The fourth exhibition line comprises an IBC 120, an L 250, and a CPC 10. The efficient line demonstrates the filling of solid dose products into bottles, their packaging into cases, and stacking of the cases on pallets. Intermittent motion bottle guidance on the IBC 120 guarantees a high output of up to 24,000 tablets or 150 bottles per minute. Downstream is the Labeler L 250, which handles up to 250 bottles per minute. The subsequently linked Case Packaging Center 10 combines a Case packer E 4010t and a Palletizer P 5010 in a single unit. The CPC 10 is fitted with an aggregation solution to meet traceability requirements. Furthermore, the BottleChrom inspection system checks breakage, shape, and color of the tablets.

Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP) with Stretch-banding machine S 3025 and Case packer E 4004: seamless transparency
A quick and easy first step into the field of serialization and flexible response to new legislation and specifications: Uhlmann offers a mobile standalone unit, which meets these criteria and makes existing packaging lines fit for serialization with a minimum of integration effort. The third exhibition line, including an Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP) at its head, prints a 2D code on each closed carton and verifies it. Aligned to the maximum USP output of 300 cartons per minute, the Stretch-banding machine S 3025 then band-wraps the cartons in bundles. The Case packer E 4004 subsequently packs the bundles in up to four cases per minute. A Track & Trace solution is integrated into this line for label printing and serial number aggregation. The Uhlmann service experts at the line offer information on all stages of Track & Trace by Uhlmann, as well as on SCADA solutions for automated process planning, monitoring, and control.

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