“Make a Good Thing Even Better”

  • The new Blister line BEC 300 offers added performance, improved user-friendliness, greater application versatility, and better efficiency
  • Geared to small to medium-sized batches and frequent format changeovers
  • Format changeover in 30 minutes

The market launch of the Blister line BEC 300 was back in 2009. Particularly pharmaceutical manufacturers processing many small batches decided in favor of the compact line with its fast format changeovers. Uhlmann is now presenting the latest model at ACHEMA. “Based on our many years of experience, the BEC 300 was a robust, well-engineered line from the outset. But it is always possible to make a good thing even better. Technical improvements and features based on specific customer feedback have been incorporated in the new BEC 300”, explains Dirk Bauernfeind, Head of Product Management at Uhlmann.

The BEC 300 is geared to a maximum output of 300 blisters and 150 cartons per minute. However, this performance could not be fully exploited for certain applications: in the production of large, rigid aluminum blisters, for instance, or when feeding exotic-shaped products. Uhlmann has adjusted the processes so that the new BEC 300 now reaches full output capacity in such cases.

In addition to output, a focal attribute of the new BEC 300 is its user-friendliness. Added convenience for operating personnel helps to save time, which leads to better efficiency, higher productivity, and lower costs. In the redesigned fill section, for example, as cables are concealed, cleaning is easier and quicker. As a result, fast format changeovers are even simpler to carry out: a three-dimensional changeover is completed by one employee in 30 minutes.

The original Blister line BEC 300 handles a diverse range of solid dose formats. Now, aluminum blisters can be processed with a maximum forming depth of ten millimeters without compromising output. Furthermore, blister pockets up to 40 millimeters in length can be formed for very long products such as oblongs and capsules. Uhlmann has also increased the maximum carton height to 100 millimeters. Higher blister stacks are the result, e.g., a 10-blister stack of size 00 capsules plus a booklet can be packaged in a carton.

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