Blister machine BLU 400
Packaging Talent for Liquids

  • The Blister machine BLU 400 for the secondary packaging of liquid dose products strictly focuses on gently handling, efficiency, and flexibility
  • Gentle product handling, e.g., the use of optimized Uhlmann feeding systems, minimizes product damage and leads to higher productivity
  • Product positioning lengthwise and crosswise to the web allows full utilization of the forming material width and optimizes output

The BLU 400, a blister machine geared from start to finish to the packaging of syringes, ampoules, vials, cartridges, and bottles. The needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers with respect to liquid dose packaging were systematically taken into account in the development process. “Gentle product handling ranks foremost with the BLU 400. Damage to the primary packaging must be avoided, and the usually susceptible medicines have to be protected from heat”, says Werner Blersch, Global Product Manager at Uhlmann. “Other key customer requirements, which we have realized with the machine, are efficiency and flexible.”

At the very beginning, the feeding plate gently brings the upright products in micro-steps to the feeder. A rotary feeder and a four-axis robot system take over careful placement of the products in the blister. Before pressing them into place in the clamp-pack, a mechanical check ensures correct positioning of all the products. Only then are they pressed alternately into the blister pockets. The press-in function is carried out in two steps so less force is required, which reduces the risk of damage to the products. “This is just one of many examples of the gentle product handling of the BLU 400”, explains Werner Blersch. “Output efficiency improves as a result. The more careful the products are handled, the fewer rejections, the less cleaning or rectification work, the shorter the downtimes, and the higher the productivity.”

The BLU 400 makes efficient use of the full 300 millimeter forming material width: the products can be placed lengthwise or crosswise in the blisters. This is possible on account of the single-cycle handling, tailored Uhlmann feeders, and a rotary table at the end of the machine. This turns the filled blisters 180 or 270 degrees so that they can be pushed into the cartons. The overall output also benefits from fast format changeovers and straightforward cleaning. Many format adjustments are automated.

Profile Blister machine BLU 400

  • Sealing principle: platen sealing
  • Mode of operation: 1- to 8-lane
  • Max. output: 400 blisters/min.
  • Formats: ampoules, vials, cartridges, bottles up to 30 mm ø syringes from 6.5 to 26 mm ø
  • Max. forming depth: 42 mm
  • Max. format area:     195 x 284 mm

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