Bottle line IBC 150: Solid Dose Product Bottling Line with Integrated Bottle Tracking

Bottle line IBC 150
Efficient Packaging of Solid Dose Products in Bottles

  • The Bottle line IBC 150 is a highly automated tablet counting and filling line
  • Designed to handle small to medium batch volumes
  • Fast and simple format changeovers, adjustment to a different bottle diameter in just six minutes 
  • Around five meters in length

Fast and simple format changeovers, short setup times, optimally linked stations integrated into the monoblock line architecture: these attributes of the IBC 150 ensure the productive packaging of small to medium-sized batches of solid dose products in bottles. Combined with the Labeler L 180 and the end-of-line packaging unit, the Case Packaging Center 10, the line covers the entire packaging process from the bottle to the pallet. Uhlmann has also fitted the line with a tracking and tracing solution to combat counterfeiting and ensure product reliability.

Measuring around five meters in length, the line integrates a bottle feeder, a tablet feeder, a capping unit, and a bottle discharge. It operates up to 20 percent more efficiently than a solution made up of separate components. A great asset in terms of flexibility is the fast changeover to a different bottle diameter ranging between 25 to 125 mm in just six minutes. Micro-stops and ramp-up phases are eliminated. A format-free bottle transport guarantees a continuous product flow and the shift register recognizes the position of every bottle in the machine thus ensuring precision monitoring of the process. The SmartControl operating system allows central and intuitive operation of the IBC 150.

Once the bottles are filled, the compact Labeler L 180 applies labels at a rate of up to 180 bottles per minute, which means it is the ideal partner for the IBC 150. Downstream follows seamless integration of the end-of-line packaging unit, the Case Packaging Center 10. Incorporating the Case packer E 4010t and the Palletizer P 5010, it combines two steps in one system. Special feature here is the top-loading principle, which allows the packaging of single bottles as well as bundles or even single cartons into dispatch cases.

Profile Bottle line IBC 150

  • Max. output: 150 bottles/min.
  • Max. counting capacity: 24,000 products/min.
  • Processed solid dose products: tablets, capsules
  • Processed bottle shapes: round, rectangular, oval

Profile Labeler L 180

  • Max. output: 180 bottles/min.
  • Processed bottle shapes: round, rectangular, oval

Profile Case Packaging Center 10

  • Max. output: max. 265 bottles/min. in 10 dispatch cases at 10 pallet cycles/min.
  • Processed products: single bottles and cartons, bundles

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