Pharmaceutical packaging line IBC 150 with single tablet reject function. This enables a reject reduction of up to 99 percent when filling bottles with tablets.
Instead of removing faulty bottles at the end of the process, the single tablet reject function eliminates damaged tablets via ejection channels.

Single tablet reject function on the counting module of the Uhlmann Bottle Line IBC 150 allows for up to 99 percent less waste

Minimizing rejects is a major challenge in pharmaceutical packaging. Uhlmann has now succeeded in reducing waste by up to 99 percent when packaging solid dose products in bottles. The packaging line IBC 150 with a single tablet reject function is able to eliminate individual damaged tablets before they are filled into a bottle. As an example, this means that only three tablets – instead of hitherto three bottles – are removed from the process. 

The basic version of the IBC 150 comprises a bottle infeed, servo-regulated bottle transport and tablet counter, capping unit, and bottle removal. Further modules can be integrated – the latest additional option being the single tablet reject function. The tablets or capsules already undergo inspection on the vibratory plate of the tablet counter. If the system identifies a damaged product, e.g. with color chipping or fracturing, this is specifically and gently removed via one of the separately driven ejection channels. The production speed remains high during this process. The single tablet reject function is fully integrated, both physically into the machine and electronically into the machine control system, thus enabling operation via a central display. Fitting and removal of the ejection channels requires no tools. The machine control system is used to set the parameters. “Depending on the filling capacity, we are able to reduce the number of rejects by up to 99 percent using the single tablet reject function. That is of enormous benefit to all pharmaceutical companies that fill bottles with tablets. Single products are accurately eliminated from the process instead of having to remove filled bottles at the end”, explains Konstantin Gerbold, Product Manager Bottle Business at Uhlmann.

The IBC 150 with the single tablet reject function is designed according to the latest Uhlmann quality and design standards. All IQ, OQ, and DQ documents are already available. 

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