Uhlmann Camera Systems for Tracking, Tracing, and More

Uhlmann Camera Systems for Tracking, Tracing, and More
Versatile Use Beyond Standard Applications

Tracking and tracing applications have become standard practice in the pharmaceutical packaging process – and these always require a camera system. If cameras have to be installed anyway, why should these only be used for standard functions? The high-tech camera systems from Uhlmann are also capable of fulfilling complex tasks beyond the mere reading of codes or signs. For example, they can replace individual visual inspection. 

The human eye is a true marvel – nevertheless, it is unable to match up to modern camera systems. Optical inspection technology never tires and is not distracted, but carries out its job quickly and reliably, also around the clock, if needed. However, many pharmaceutical companies chiefly use camera systems for standard tasks such as fill monitoring, lid foil inspection, and label verification. “It is worth making a closer analysis when a new system is installed for optical inspection”, recommends Kathrin Günther, Team Leader Sales Support Software & Automation at Uhlmann. “In many cases, a camera system is capable of accomplishing more complex tasks than envisaged at the outset.”

Camera systems from Uhlmann offer one hundred percent inline inspection during the pharmaceutical packaging process – end-to-end, in real time, and at full machine speed. The image inspection system VisioRead, for instance, carries out a variety of inspection tasks during primary and secondary packaging. These include measuring product dimensions, code and print verification, the storage of images, or the display of defect images.

Higher quality and shorter lead times
Particularly the replacement of individual visual checks by camera systems can be of added interest to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Cutting out such a time-consuming work step helps to shorten lead times and can significantly improve quality. Manpower becomes available to address more demanding jobs. “The selection, planning, installation, and validation of a camera system are complex, which makes expert support vital. Yet, once an automatic inspection solution is in operation, it brings substantial benefits, such as higher quality at lower costs”, reports Kathrin Günther.

interpack 2017: VisioRead for the first time with GigE Vision technology
The capabilities of an Uhlmann camera system will be demonstrated at interpack by an application for the inspection of syringes (see photo). The functions cover measurement and calculation of the syringe curvature, the monitoring of syringe presence, checking the presence and positioning of the protective cap, as well as inspection of the glass flange. The demanding inspection process uses the image processing system VisioRead. VisioRead systems are also now equipped with GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) Vision technology. This offers many benefits. The high bandwidth of 1.000 Mbps allows the transfer of uncompromised images in real time. It is possible to use copper cables up to 100 meters in length, which permit much greater installation flexibility in a packaging line. The established GigE Vision standard lays the foundation for interoperation between any manufacturer and technology solution. “This is just one example of the possibilities offered by Uhlmann camera systems”, says Kathrin Günther. “Using a combination of our products and those of our partners, we are able to meet practically every requirement in terms of automated, optical inspection.”

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