Articles 2018

Excellence United presents its new Industry 4.0 concept
Digital + Connected = Future

Pharmaceutical production is becoming more digital and connected. Players who can deliver coherent, logical concepts will be part of the next major Industry 4.0 project. The five members of Excellence United have made great progress with their IoT Hub and have shown what is is already capable of. But this is just the beginning. In the inerview, the five managing directors explained why. ... [Reference: PROCESS WORLDWIDE, issue 5, October 2018]


Blister line BEC 400
Uhlmann Extends the BEC Family

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG launched its first BEC Blister line in 2009. The compact combination of a blister and a cartoner module is successfully operating in about 50 countries in the meantime. The company recently presented its fourth member of the BEC family: the Blister line BEC 400. ... [Reference: CHP PACKER INTERNATIONAL, issue June/July 2018]


Articles 2017

Blister line BEC 300
Faster, Easier, and More User-Friendly

As a one-stop provider, Surepharm Services Ltd. in Burton on Trent, UK, specialises in the contract manufacturing of generic and branded formulations. The company produces and packages approximately one billion tablets and hard shell capsules for the human and veterinary sectors annually. ... [Reference: CHP PACKER INTERNATIONAL, issue June/July 2017]


Articles 2016

Make a Good Thing Even Better

The market launch of the Uhlmann Blister line BEC 300 was back in 2009. Particularly pharmaceutical manufacturers processing many small batches favour the compact line with its fast format changeovers. The sales figures confirm the high demand in this sector: over 150 such lines are currently in operation ...  [Reference: CHP PACKER INTERNATIONAL, issue June/July 2016]


Articles 2015

Varied serialisation laws call for future-proof solutions

Satisfying varied and country-specific requirements is a key issue for those operating in the global marketplace. As a result, Vetter has chosen a combination of different track and trace solutions ... [Reference: manufacturing chemist, September 2015]


Future-proof serialisation solutions

Flexible response to changing requirements with Track & Trace by Uhlmann - When it Comes to the issue of pharmaceutical serialisation, only one Thing is certain at present: its implementation ... [Reference: CHP Packer International, February/March 2015]


Older articles

Sights set on compliance worldwide

"License to sell" is how a pharmaceutical manufacturer recently referred to compliance with diverse regulations to combat product counterfeiting. Fact is that those without a functional, country-specific compliance solution ... [Reference: CHP PACKER INTERNATIONAL DECEMBER/JANUARY 2014]


Compact packaging line for smaller batches

Paracetamol, Pantoprazole, Ibuprofen - these are the names of pharmaceutical bestsellers. However, anyone thinking that these tablets are packaged on large, high-speed machines in batches of 100,000 packs could well be mistaken ... [Reference: CHP Packer International, February/March 2013]