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Pexcite is a digital software solution available for the pharmaceutical industry, perfectly suited for the daily work requirements.

The platform offers a modular system for standardized software solutions that harmonize with each other on a technological basis. Pexcite can be expanded quickly and easily with a variety of solutions without having to re-validate the entire system. You benefit from comprehensive, centralized data management that enables you to control your production flexibly and with foresight at all times in order to maintain a high level of overall equipment effectiveness. Pexcite also offers a user-friendly, intuitive and browser-based interface that you can access from different devices to keep an eye on every detail of your production.

Pharmatracking with Pexcite

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Pharma 4.0 with Pexcite – enabling smart decisions

Future-proof software solutions for the pharmaceutical production

As an independent product brand from the pharma-experienced company Uhlmann Pac-Systeme, Pexcite merges over 70 years of expertise in pharmaceutical packaging.

Together with our partners, we have combined future-oriented ideas with the latest technology to enhance pharmaceutical production, packaging and the distribution of pharmaceutical products. We know that processes can never be efficient enough, and error rates are never low enough. Therefore, we utilize every digital opportunity to unlock the maximum effectiveness of your systems.

With Pexcite we create a digitalized and connected base for pharma 4.0 to accompany our customers along the step by step journey and take them to the next levels to generate more visibility, transparency and more.

Pexcite – all your data in one place

Passion for pharma and innovation

Our team

Our Pexcite experts all share the drive for progress and the motivation to reach new heights in production together. Our team of software developers, engineers, project managers and customer consultants is made up of more than 170 people with years of experience. The constantly growing team always works closely with our customers and partners to analyze challenges in depth and identify corresponding solutions for those needs and goals.

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