Our SyPro pharmaceutical feeder safely and economically places sensitive glass syringes or plastic syringes in blisters – or places them in sustainable cardboard trays. For the optimal secondary packaging of syringe systems.

Position syringes precisely and safely

Avoid glass breakages through gentle product handling

Parenteral products such as biopharmaceuticals are often so highly priced that pharmacists or packaging service providers need to avoid the loss of individual doses through broken glass. In addition, glass breakage significantly affects productivity because production has to be interrupted, the line cleaned and restarted. Microcracks in the syringe systems can also trigger glass breakage. This is why the SyPro feeder processes sensitive glass syringes particularly gently:

  • Gentle transportation
  • Use of a robot with vacuum cups for placement in blisters and cardboard trays
  • Staggered pressing into clamping blisters in two work steps

This is how the SyPro feeder works

SyPro is the abbreviation for "Syringe Product" and is thus a pharmaceutical feeder for syringe systems with and without needle protection. The servo-controlled SyPro feeder places up to 350 syringes per minute into blisters or cardboard trays. On high-performance machines, output can be increased to up to 600 syringes per minute by extending the filling section and adding a second SyPro feeder. Alternatively, the feed capacity can be increased in a space-saving manner and via a second prismatic belt.

Advantages of the SyPro feeder

  • VersatileThe system is suitable for all common glass syringes or plastic syringes with diameters from 6.5 to 26 mm. Needles can be fed separately
  • SustainableFor greater sustainability, "Direct in Carton" and the SyPro feeder allow syringes to be packed directly in cardboard trays
  • EconomicalThe SyPro feeder feeds glass or plastic syringes particularly gently - for fewer downtimes and greater productivity in pharmaceutical packaging

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SyPro feeder in detail

Questions & answers about the SyPro Feeder