Vibratory feeder

Do you need a powerful yet uncomplicated feeder for your tablets, oblongs or capsules? Then our vibratory feeder is the solution you’re looking for! It efficiently feeds pharmaceutical products with simple geometries and achieves a degree of fill of almost 100%.

This is how the vibratory feeder works

Economical for simple product shapes

From the hopper, the solid products pass into the vibratory chute, where dust and debris are safely discharged. They then slide into the vibrator plate of the circular vibrator, where they are transported via the product paths into the feed chute.

In the case of PVC forming films, the products can be deposited directly into the blister pockets.

In the case of aluminum forming films, the feed chute fills the pockets of the filling roller. The subsequent depositing into the film pockets can be assisted by compressed air. This enables continuous feeding into larger pockets.

Advantages of the vibratory feeder

  • User-friendlySimple operation and tool-free format change – quick and easy
  • PowerfulExcellent balance of simplicity and speed
  • CompactSpace-saving design for high performance in a small footprint

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