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IBC 150

With the Integrated Bottle Center IBC 150, Uhlmann presents a pharma-compatible, integrated monoblock packaging line for tablets and capsules in bottles. The networked, flexible system concept integrates all process steps: From feeding the desiccant, and feeding and exactly counting the tablets, through to closing the bottles.

Innovative bottle line for the packaging of tablets and capsules in bottles

Aspects of the IBC 150 that promote the efficient packaging of tablets in bottles

Efficient tablet packaging in bottles

The integrated monoblock architecture of the IBC 150 offers all the essential stations for the packaging of tablets in bottles. This line is highly automated, optimally linked, centrally controlled, and completely flexible. The basic model includes stations such as the bottle infeed, servo-regulated tablet counter, capping unit, and bottle discharge. Other elements, like a modular desiccant feeder for canisters or sachets, a weighing system, a camera system for tablet inspection, or a cotton wad feeder, can be integrated as required.

Advantages of the IBC 150 at a glance

  • ScalableScalable performance: up to four counting modules and three capping units for added counting capacity or higher output, or a combination of both, for up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules per minute
  • PowerfulFormat-free bottle transport for an uninterrupted product flow – from start to finish
  • PreciseOne hundred percent counting accuracy with the Cremer infrared counting system

Technical data at a glance

Max. output 150 bottles/min.
Max. counting speed 24,000 products/min.
Bottle volume 30 - 1,500 cc
Bottle diameter 25 - 125 mm
Bottle height 42 - 200 mm  
Processable bottle materials HDPE, glass
Processable bottle shapes round, rectangular, oval
Processable solid dose products tablets, capsules
Product length 3 - 30 mm
Product width/diameter 3 - 20 mm
Counting accuracy 100 %

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Bottle line IBC 150 for solids in detail