Blister line BEC 200

Max. 200 or 300 blisters/min.
Max. 150 or 300 cartons/min.

Flexible blister machine for tailored packaging solutions

The GMP-compliant packaging of solids is becoming increasingly complex and specialized in the rapidly changing pharmaceutical sector. The Blister line BEC 200 stands you in good stead here. The compact, integrated system, comprising a blister and a cartoner module, efficiently packages small production volumes in customary Uhlmann quality. Equipped with platen sealing, the BEC 200 is also suitable for customized packaging solutions. Childproof, all-aluminum blisters are one example.

Ideal entry into the premium packaging of solid dose products

Top quality, available at an attractive price for entry into this segment, and flexibility make the BEC 200 an interesting option for contract packers, the manufacturers of generics, or dietary supplement producers in particular. It packages up to 200 blisters and 150 cartons per minute. Short setup processes and fast format changeovers make the machine particularly suitable for small batches. Depending on requirements, an optional output upgrade to 300 blisters per minute is possible. 


  • Flexible: Modular design for small batches of 2,000 to 50,000 packs and/or special blister formats
  • Efficient: Format changeover in 30 minutes as no tools are needed to exchange the few, lightweight format parts; smooth surfaces for fast line clearance
  • Straightforward: Easy operation and guided format changeovers with the user-friendly SmartControl operating system
  • Future-oriented: Upgrade for added output – up to 300 blisters per minute
  • Tailored: Integral solution to suit your requirements; blister pockets up to 40 mm long, cartons up to 100 mm in height


 Heating and forming station

Heating and forming station

The servo-regulated forming station has four guide posts that ensure uniform closing pressure. It processes the forming material to form blisters with a maximum forming depth of 12 mm (PVC) and 10 mm (aluminum). The heating station has three individually adjustable heating zones per heating plate. The heating plates open automatically when the machine stops.

 Brush box feeder

Brush box feeder

For numerous product shapes and all thermoformable films

 SimTap feeder

SimTap feeder

For all shapes of solid dose products, single- or multi-phase preparations, single- or multi-lane operation

 Fill section

Fill section

The pharmaceutically compliant Blister line BEC 200 has a clearly visible fill section. This facilitates fast line clearance.

 Platen sealing station

Platen sealing station

User-friendly, servo-regulated station, easily accessible from the operating side for fast format changeovers

 Embossing, perforating, and punching station

Embossing, perforating, and punching station

The embossing, perforating, and punching station ensures perfect blisters. The laser pocket control in the punch is responsible for absolutely accurate blister dimensions. Lightweight tools minimize resetting times.

 Carton feeder

Carton feeder

The design of the rotary carton feeder takes ergonomics into account. The carton blanks are easily loaded into the magazine.

 Product loading

Product loading

The servo-regulated product loader accurately inserts blisters and leaflets in the cartons.

 Closing station

Closing station

The cartoner module – here the closing station – is also designed for fast, tool-free format changeovers. An optional alternative is the integration of a station that permits a changeover from tuck-in to hot-melt closure. All marking and inspection systems for a Track & Trace application can be incorporated into the closing unit.


Blister line BEC 200

Uhlmann Blister line BEC 200 Great and small in one.


Technical Data

Blister line BEC 200

Blister module

Sealing principle

platen sealing

Scope of application

solid dose products

Mode of operation


Max. output

200 or 300* blisters/min.

Max. format area [index x width]

200 x 145 mm

Max. blister size

95 x 145 mm

Max. forming depth

12 mm

* Optional output upgrade

Cartoner module (depending on the cartoner)

Max. output

150 or 300 cartons/min.

Max. carton size [A x B x H]

100 x 100 x 150 mm or 100 x 105 x 150 mm

Max. no. of blisters


Max. blister stack height

95 mm or 100 mm

Types of closure

tuck-in and hot-melt

The Blister line BEC 200 in detail

As a member of our BEC family, the Blister line BEC 200 packages solids in up to 200 blisters and 150 cartons per minute in customary Uhlmann top quality and in conformity with GMP standards.

Flexible packaging at a first-rate price

Great flexibility and an attractive entry price make the BEC 200 a practicable blister line for contract packers, as well as the manufacturers of generics and dietary supplements. The strength of the BEC 200 lies in its modular design. The producers of special blister formats or those handling medicines in small batches, e.g., orphan drugs, particularly benefit from the BEC 200. Efficient product changeovers are another aspect. Uncomplicated setup processes and format changeovers are carried out quickly.

BEC 200 grows with your challenges

This blister line can up its output when demand increases. The feeding technology can be adapted and adjusted individually. Should added production be necessary, an optional BEC 200 upgrade increases the output to up to 300 blisters per minute.

User-friendly and efficient application

Similar to all the other BEC lines, the Blister line BEC 200 is convincingly easy to operate. A changeover of the few format parts is completed in less than 30 minutes. The entire line offers a clear view, while smooth surfaces and the effortlessly removed sealing tools promote easy cleaning without long downtimes.

Future-oriented and user-friendly operating system

A straightforward user interface is a convincing feature when it comes to operating the BEC 200. A standard fitting of the blister line is the SmartControl operating system. This is of modular design and can be extended as required. Clear icons and step-by-step explanations enable your personnel to operate the line independently after a short familiarization period.

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