BEC 300: Flexible blister line for pharmaceutical products and food supplements

Blister line BEC 300

Max. 300 blisters/min.
Max. 150 or 300 cartons/min.

Pharmaceutical and dietary supplement manufacturers are active in dynamic markets and need to respond quickly to changes in demand. A user-friendly blister line such as the BEC 300, which packages small and medium-sized batches economically, brings them decisive advantages: greater safety, heightened flexibility and increased productivity.

Flexibility and performance in the Compact class

The BEC 300 is a compact, complete system that links up a blister machine, cartoner and feeder over a length of 8.4 meters. It can pack all common tablet and capsule formats at a speed of up to 300 blisters per minute, while guided, tool-free format changeovers guarantee changeover times of less than 30 minutes – for the flexible packaging of batches of up to around 70,000 folding cartons. Easy cleaning, intuitive operation and reliable technology provide maximum safety, stability and productivity. Together with Uhlmann's services and digital solutions, the result is a coordinated system that provides optimum support to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical producers for every market requirement.

The two-part design of the BEC 300 enables customer-specific machine configuration. For example, the line can be divided by a pharmaceutical partition or the blister module can be combined with other cartoners, for example to increase output. In addition to the BEC 300, other variants are available for packaging smaller or larger batches: the BEC family range extends from the BEC 200 to the three-lane BEC 700, which offers a maximum output of 700 blisters and 500 folding boxes per minute.

  • Strong: High-performance complete system for packaging small and medium batches of up to 70,000 packs
  • Flexible: Greater flexibility in dynamic markets thanks to processing of all common solid formats and fast format changes in less than 30 minutes
  • Safe: Maximum safety and performance thanks to reliable technology and simple, intuitive operation – even by inexperienced personnel
  • Quick: Short delivery times and rapid commissioning for unforeseen requirements
  • Digital: High level of efficiency thanks to seamless integration into fully-automated production environments
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 Heating and forming station

Heating and forming station

The servo-regulated forming station has four guide posts that ensure uniform closing pressure. It processes the forming material to form blisters with a maximum forming depth of 12 mm (PVC) and 10 mm (aluminum). The heating station has three individually adjustable heating zones per heating plate. The heating plates open automatically when the machine stops.

 Vibratory feeder

Vibratory feeder

The vibratory feeder quickly and efficiently feeds products of simple geometry in the running direction of the machine.

 Fill section

Fill section

The pharmaceutically compliant Blister line BEC 300 has a clearly visible fill section. This facilitates fast line clearance.

 Rotary sealing

Rotary sealing

Various functions of the rotary sealing promote high blister quality and protect the products, e.g., automatic lifting in the case of a machine stop.

 Embossing, perforating, and punching station

Embossing, perforating, and punching station

The embossing, perforating, and punching station ensures perfect blisters. The laser pocket control in the punch is responsible for absolutely accurate blister dimensions. Lightweight tools minimize resetting times.

 Carton feeder

Carton feeder

The design of the rotary carton feeder takes ergonomics into account. The carton blanks are easily loaded into the magazine.

 Product loading

Product loading

The servo-regulated product loader accurately inserts blisters and leaflets in the cartons.

 Closing station

Closing station

The cartoner module – here the closing station – is also designed for fast, tool-free format changeovers. An optional alternative is the integration of a station that permits a changeover from tuck-in to hot-melt closure. All marking and inspection systems for a Track & Trace application can be incorporated into the closing unit.


The BEC 300 is a compact, complete system that links up a blister machine, cartoner and feeder over a length of 8.4 meters.

News about the Blister line BEC 300

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In trend: fast processes

Konstantin Gerbold, Product Manager at Uhlmann, talks about the efficient and flexible packaging of solid products with the BEC 300


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Storage costs increase worldwide, including pharmaceutical producers. The result: high efficient production, which means even smaller batches leading to more frequent format changes.

Can your PharmaPackaging still keep up? Get ready for the future with efficient and flexible packaging lines such as the BEC 300 from Uhlmann!

Unthinkable just a few months ago, but now almost routine: Uhlmann conducted another Virtual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for its PharmaPackaging line BEC 300 with its new customer from Japan. The result: an OEE of over 90 percent under FAT conditions.

Read the whole story here:

Did you know that Vitamin C and many of the other active ingredients in nutritional supplements are sensitive to oxygen and light? In combination with folding boxes, blister packs offer comprehensive product protection.

But is this packaging sufficiently economical and flexible – especially for manufacturers of food supplements? Find out about the advantages of an Uhlmann packaging line, such as the BEC 300, especially for the packaging of solid food supplements such as tablets or capsules.

When batches tend to become smaller and smaller flexibility is key in a dynamic market like pharmaceutical production. What challenges must you overcome with your current PharmaPackaging? The time for format changes must decrease and flexibility must rise even higher!

Uhlmann provides the ideal packaging line to help you meet these challenges: the BEC 300 combines a blister machine and cartoner, forming a powerful all-in-one system enabling format changes in less than 30 minutes.

Technical Data

Blister line BEC 300

Blister module

Max. output

300 blisters/min.

Mode of operation

single lane

Scope of application

solid dose products

Sealing principle

rotary sealing

Max. format area [index x width]

200 x 145 mm

Max. forming depth

12 mm

Max. reel diameter

forming material 600 mm, lid material 300 mm

Processable forming materials

laminated Al foils, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP

Processable lid materials

hard Al, soft Al, paper/Al, Al with defined hardness, others on request

Cartoner module

Max. output

150 or 300 cartons/min.

Scope of application


Max. carton size [A x B x H]

115 x 100 x 150 mm (150 cartons/min.), 105 x 105 x 155 mm (300 cartons/min.)


140 mm

Max. no. of blisters


Max. blister stack height

95 mm

Types of closure

tuck-in and hot-melt

The BEC 300 blister line in detail

The BEC 300 blister line packs tablets, capsules and other solids at a maximum speed of up to 300 blisters and up to 150 (optionally 300) folding boxes per minute. The blister line has a modular design, with the blisters being transferred to the cartoning module by means of an integrated blister transfer system. Thanks to its tried-and-tested technology, it offers high a level of production stability and reliability.

Feeds set the pace
Right from the beginning of the pharmaceutical packaging process, a vibratory feeder, a brush-in feeder or a SimTap feeder ensure high speeds. SimTap stands for "Simultaneous Tablet Placement" whereby the products are placed in the film pockets in a targeted manner and at high speeds. The SimTap also makes it possible to change formats quickly: the parameters are stored in the operating system of the BEC 300, meaning that a large number settings can be automatically adopted when the product is changed.

Simple operation of packaging systems
In addition to performance, the BEC 300 blister line also focuses on user-friendliness: the system is easy to clean, convert and operate – even for inexperienced personnel. For example, thanks to its optimum working height, the rotary folding box feeder is designed for ergonomic operation. The limited number of format parts are light and allow quick changeovers. As a result, operators achieve greater time savings, increased efficiency, higher productivity and, ultimately, lower follow-up costs. Fast, GMP-compliant cleaning is possible in a short space of time and is supported, for example, by smooth surfaces and the easily visible balcony design.

Tool-free format changeovers in less than 30 minutes
Short changeover times ensure high production output, especially when small and medium batches have to be packed. With the BEC 300 blister line, a three-dimensional changeover can be carried out by one person within 30 minutes. The short changeover time is made possible by having a small number of lightweight format parts that can be exchanged without tools. An operating system guides even inexperienced personnel step-by-step through the format changeover and also supports them during the production phase. For this purpose, two SmartControl panels are mounted on one support arm each. This allows the operator to bring the information and control unit to the position in front of the system where he or she needs it.

SmartControl operating system
The SmartControl operating system is a unique machine HMI system with an exceptional graphical user interface. It is constantly being further developed so that intuitive user guidance leads the user through the entire packaging process. Simple guidance through format changeovers and production processes as well as illustrated explanations enable operators from other machines to use the BEC 300 after just a short training period.

Wide range of applications
A wide range of solid formats can be packaged with the BEC 300 blister line. For example, forming film draw depths of 12 mm for PVC blisters and 10 mm for aluminum blisters can be achieved without any performance restrictions. Uhlmann also offers a solution for packaging very long tablets such as oblongs and capsules and the BEC 300 can place large solid products in pockets of up to 40 mm in length. Thanks to a maximum folding box height of 100 mm, a wide variety of folding box sizes or formats can be implemented. The BEC 300 can also pack larger blister stacks, for example a stack of 10 standard capsules including brochure, into a folding box.

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