Blister line BEC 500

Max. 500 blisters/min.
Max. 300 or 500 cartons/min.

Flexible line for batches of up to 150,000 packs

Well-engineered for maximum flexibility: the Blister line BEC 500. An integrated, end-to-end system perfectly combining a blister and a cartoner module in a line approx. ten meters in length. Double-lane operation, straightforward, fast format changeovers, and consistent forming and sealing process times – for uniform, top-quality blisters.


  • Low investment and running costs combined with maximum process reliability
  • Modular basic machine for tailored configuration
  • Open, cantilever design and smooth surfaces: good accessibility and easy cleaning
  • Tool-free format changeover in just 30 minutes
  • Intuitive, reliable operation with guided format changeover via the new SmartControl operating system


Heating and forming station

SimTap feeder

Rotary sealing

Embossing, perforating and punching station

Blister transfer

Good accessibility: the leaflet folder can be pulled forward and turned.

Format parts of the blister module for rotary sealing

Carton feeder

Leaflet and product loading

Closing station

 Platen sealing station
 Brush box feeder
 Vibratory feeder

Blister line BEC 500

News about the Blister line BEC 500

All set for the BEC 500: Uhlmann training at Tjoapack

How can you ensure the quick and efficient ramp-up of a new packaging line? By completing a whole week of training at Uhlmann – just like the team at our customer, Tjoapack, did!

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Technical Data

Blister line BEC 500

Blister module

Max. output

500 blisters/min.

Mode of operation


Scope of application

solid dose products

Sealing principle

platen or rotary sealing

Max. format area [index x width]

200 x 284 mm

Max. forming depth

12 mm (PVC), 11 mm (Al)

Max. reel diameter

forming material 600 mm (800 mm*), lid material 300 mm (400 mm*)

Processable forming materials

laminated Al foils, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP

Processable lid materials

hard Al, soft Al, paper/Al, Al with defined hardness, others upon request

*optional extension

Cartoner module

Max. output

300 or 500 cartons/min.

Scope of application


Max. carton size [A x B x H]

105 x 105 x 155 mm (300 cartons/min.), 80 x 90 x 155 mm (500 cartons/min.)


5'' (300 cartons/min.), 4'' (500 cartons/min.)

Max. no. of blisters


Max. blister stack height

95 mm (300 cartons/min.), 85 mm (500 cartons/min.)

Types of closure

tuck-in and hot-melt

Contact persons

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