Blister machine B 1880

Max. 1,300 blisters/min.
Max. format area 280 x 284 mm

The B 1880, currently the world’s fastest blister machine, sets standards in the bulk packaging of solids in blisters.

The world’s fastest blister machine

Faster, enhanced ergonomics, and more cost-efficient: currently the world’s fastest blister machine, the B 1880 sets standard in mass production. Reliable, continuous productivity for the processing of bulk batches.


  • Servo-regulated forming material unwind prevents traction and tension for an optimum forming process
  • Three heating zones for gentle heating of forming material
  • Depending on the application, intermittent motion platen or rotary sealing
  • Punch with laser monitoring of the pockets and servo-regulated lowering unit for maximum precision
  • Clean room atmosphere as controlled waste air and heat discharge


Forming material reel support

Heating station

Forming station and index

Lid material reel support with integratded in-line printing

Platen sealing station and cooling

Rotary sealing station

Punching station

Blister transfer


Uhlmann High Speed line B 1880

B 1660 + C 2504 Fast Dissolving Tablets

Technical Data

Blister machine B 1880

Max. output

1,300 blisters/min.

Sealing principle

platen and rotary sealing

Mode of operation

1- to 3-lane

Scope of application

solid dose products

Max. format area [index x width]

280 x 284 mm, 280 x 320 mm*

Max. forming depth

12 mm

Max. reel diameter

forming material 1,000 mm, lid material 400 mm

Processable forming materials

Al laminates, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PET, PP**, COC**

Processable lid materials

Al, paper/Al, polyester/Al, PP**

*optional format upgrade

**only with continuous motion rotary sealing

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