Blister machine B 200

Max. 200 or 300 blisters/min.
Max. format area 200 x 1454 mm

Flexible blister machine for small batches and/or special blister formats

Ideal entry into the premium segment of solids packaging

Top quality at an attractive entry-level price and excellent flexibility form the basis for the economically efficient packaging of small batches in particular.


  • High-cost effectiveness due to short cleaning and changeover times
  • Consistent forming and sealing times for maximum process reliability and OEE regardless of the number of cycles
  • Servo-regulated platen sealing for perfect blister quality even with demanding packaging materials such as Al/Al or paper-laminated lid foil
  • Easily accessible forming film and lid foil reel carrier for ergonomic handling in the smallest of spaces
  • Optional output upgrade to 300 blisters per minute


 Heating and forming station

Heating and forming station

The servo-regulated forming station has four guide posts that ensure uniform closing pressure. It processes the forming material to form blisters with a maximum forming depth of 12 mm (PVC) and 10 mm (aluminum). The heating station has three individually adjustable heating zones per heating plate. The heating plates open automatically when the machine stops.

 Brush box feeder

Brush box feeder

For numerous product shapes and all thermoformable films

 SimTap feeder

SimTap feeder

For all shapes of solid dose products, single- or multi-phase preparations, single- or multi-lane operation

 Fill section

Fill section

The pharmaceutically compliant Blister line BEC 200 has a clearly visible fill section. This facilitates fast line clearance.

 Platen sealing station

Platen sealing station

User-friendly, servo-regulated station, easily accessible from the operating side for fast format changeovers

 Embossing, perforating, and punching station

Embossing, perforating, and punching station

The embossing, perforating, and punching station ensures perfect blisters. The laser pocket control in the punch is responsible for absolutely accurate blister dimensions. Lightweight tools minimize resetting times.


Technical Data

Blister machine B 200

Max. output

200-300 blisters/min.

Sealing principle

plate sealing

Mode of operation


Scope of application

solid dose products

Max. format area [index x width]

200 x 145 mm

Max. forming depth

12 mm

Max. reel diameter

forming material 600 mm, lid material 300 mm

Processable forming materials

Al laminates, PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP

Processable lid materials

hard Al, soft Al, paper/Al, Al with defined hardness, others upon request

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