Blister machine BLU 200

Max. 200 blisters/min.
Max. format area 173 x 206 mm

The BLU 200 combines cost-efficient packaging of a variety of parenteral products in varying batch sizes with utmost gentle handling.

Flexible entry model for the secondary packaging of parenteral products

Blister machine BLU 200 is ideal for the packaging of small and medium-sized batches of parenteral products. The modular concept of the compact blister machine allows maximum packaging flexibility. The option of various feeding systems and efficient use of the entire width of the web lead to optimum machine output. Furthermore, the highly reliable process of the Blister machine BLU 200 offers gentle product handling, easy cleaning, and fast format changeovers, as well as user-friendly operation. All these factors contribute to the particularly high economic efficiency of the BLU 200.

Gentle product handling and top performance

A packaging process that handles parenteral products with utmost care pays off because every instance of damage leads to extensive cleaning, extra work, and longer downtimes. Gentle handling during the entire packaging process of the BLU 200 protects the glass products against breakage. The low drop height during blister removal is one feature in this context.

The BLU 200 is complemented by the Cartoner C 200. This covers the complete format and output range of the blister machine and handles large blisters at an output of 120 cartons per minute, as well as small ones at a maximum speed of 200 cartons per minute.

  • Flexible: The modular design of the BLU 200 also enables the flexible packaging of smaller batches
  • Gentle: Careful handling as well as the GMP-compliant machine design avoid damage to the parenteral products
  • Reliable: Precision blister production and handling, state-of-the-art technology in the working stations, as well as the machine control system ensure top, reproducible results
  • Straightforward: Intuitive operation of the blister packaging machine and easy, guided format part changeovers using the SmartControl operating system; ideal access to the working stations
  • Economic: Formats make optimum use of the full web as products and blisters can be rotated; less waste and maximum machine output


 Integrated forming material reel carrier

Integrated forming material reel carrier

Efficient as long running time without reel changeover due to dual forming reel unwind and combined cutting and splicing table

 Integrated forming material buffer

Integrated forming material buffer

Particularly space-saving and user-friendly integration of the forming material reel carrier and buffer

 Variable feeding system

Variable feeding system

Various feeding systems for vials, ampoules, or syringes can be integrated. Other products can also be fed manually.

 Product control and sealing station

Product control and sealing station

Real-time inspection system monitors product presence, color, and length, color code ring, or label presence. Consistent process times ensure particularly reliable sealing – even at varying machine speeds.

 Punching station and transfer

Punching station and transfer

Careful punching for product protection aided by vacuum-assisted blister lowering



The direct, integrated, and compact blister transfer to the product transport of the cartoner only forwards perfect blisters. Partially filled or empty blisters are separated. If required, the blisters can be rotated 90° for direct placement into the product transport.

 Product transport, leaflet feeder, and loading

Product transport, leaflet feeder, and loading

Integrated brochure feeder and leaflet folder. Optional double product loading using a dual loader for increased cartoner output

 SmartControl operating system

SmartControl operating system

Intuitive user guidance through all production processes

 BLU 200 + C 200

BLU 200 + C 200

Blister line BLU 200 with combined feeder for ampoules, vials, and syringes


Blister machine BLU 200

Uhlmann BLU 200 blister line for parenteral products


Technical Data

Blister machine BLU 200

Blister module

Sealing principle

platen sealing

Scope of application

parenteral products

Mode of operation

single- to five-lane / single- or double row

Max. output

200 blisters/min.


ampoules, vials, cartridges, bottles (ø 8.25–30 mm), syringes (ø 6.5–26 mm)

Forming depth

12–33 mm

Max. format area [index x width]

173 x 206 mm

Cartoner module C 200

Max. output

120 or 200* cartons/min.

Max. carton size [A x B x H]

180 x 105 x 250 mm

Max. blister stack height

100 mm

Types of closure

tuck-in, hot-melt

* Optional additional output for cartons up to 85 mm in width

Blister packaging machine BLU 200 in detail

The BLU 200 is a blister packaging line for the secondary packaging of syringes, ampoules, vials, cartridges, bottles, and pens. As parenteral products are increasingly being packaged in smaller batches, cost-efficient packaging is gaining in importance in addition to gentle product handling. Both challenges are met by the Blister machine BLU 200.

Variable packaging

The BLU 200 offers individual packaging solutions to meet all customer requirements. The combination of different feeding systems, the choice between sealed blisters or clamp packs, an optional extension of the fill section, and the integration of printing and inspection systems are among the options.

Flexibility extends to the cartoner

The Cartoner C 200 with its dual product feeder with two loaders ideally matches the wide format and output range of the blister packaging machine. If smaller products are packaged in cartons up to 85 mm in width, the pitch can be halved from 200 mm to 100 mm. The C 200 then practically doubles its maximum output to 200 cartons per minute.

Gentle product handling

In addition to its flexibility, the BLU 200 impresses with the typical Uhlmann mixture of reliability and quality – crucial factors when packaging parenteral products. One example is the press-in process that eases the products into the pockets in two stages. This reduces the required pressure and thus minimizes the danger of damaging the products. As the cost of parenteral products is often high, gentle product handling features pay off. The machine design also allows the option of manual feeding

Optimum format utilization

As the BLU 400 operates with a product rotation function, full use can be made of the web width. In other words, products can be positioned both lengthwise and crosswise to the running direction of the web. The blister sizes ranges from 20 x 60 millimeters to 195 x 284 millimeters. In this context, it is not only the feeder that can position the products lengthways or crossways: the transfer of the filled blisters to the cartoner is correspondingly designed. A gripper places the blisters on a rotary table that turns 180° or 270° to allow insertion of the blisters in the carton.

Top efficiency and fast format changeovers

The low risk of glass breakage makes the BLU 200 very efficient. Added features include GMP-compliant design with smooth, high-quality surfaces, such as door panels made of glass, and excellent accessibility to all sections. These promote fast cleaning and short setup times. Only a few parts have to be exchanged for a format changeover – without the need for tools.

Future-oriented operating system

Characteristic of the SmartControl operating system of the BLU 200 is its straightforward and comprehensible interface. It provides intuitive user guidance through all production processes. After a short initiation period, employees are able to operate the machine confidently.

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