Labeler L 180

Max. 180 bottles/min. (round)
Max. 165 bottles/min. (rectangular, oval)

Flexible and efficient labeling

The Labeler L 180 is a GMP-compliant, flexible, continuous motion system. Handling up to 180 bottles per minute, it ideally complements the IBC 150. The L 180 has a large format area for the efficient labeling of round, rectangular, and oval containers made of plastic or glass.


  • Short setting-up times: straightforward and easy changeover without format parts
  • Integrated serialization function: optimum preparation for Track & Trace by Uhlmann
  • Capable of different forms of application: full wrap-around, three-sided or front/back labeling
  • Wide selection of marking and inspection systems


Bottle infeed

Label application for round shapes

Bottle discharge


Bottle Packaging Line Labeler L 180 + C 2155 + E 4004 Track & Trace by Uhlmann

Technical Data

Labeler L 180

Max. output

180 bottles/min. (round), 165 bottles/min. (rectangular, oval)

Mode of operation


Bottle diameter

25 - 125 mm

Bottle edge length

30 - 60 mm

Bottle height

45 - 200 mm

Processable bottle materials

plastic, glass

Processable bottle shapes

round, rectangular, oval

Max. speed label dispensing head

75 m/min.

Max. label backing paper width

170 mm

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