Customized advanced technology

Do you have a specific challenge? Are you seeking a solution beyond standardized packaging processes? Then Uhlmann is right for you. Make use of all the benefits of a partner company that concerns itself entirely with the pharmaceutical packaging process. And your success. We plan a customized packaging line comprising tried and tested components – using the turnkey principle including a tailored service concept. 

Be inspired! Learn more about our extensive skills when it comes to Customized Packaging Systems. Benefit from our wide experience with individually configured packaging solutions – such as the planning of a customized containment solution from Uhlmann. The enclosed system for the pharmaceutical packaging of solid dose products ensures that the product and operator do not come into contact with each other. This increases the protection of both products and operating staff in the pharmaceutical sector, and reduces contamination. The containment systems for pharmaceutical products comply with the standard governing OEL and OEB limits.

Furthermore, you can establish here that a used machine rebuilt to state-of-the-art standards also quite rightly bears the name Uhlmann.

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