Efficient containment solutions for the safe packaging of solid dose products

For over 15 years Uhlmann has been responding to the strict safety requirements governing the packaging of solid dose products with appropriately designed containment solutions which strictly separate operator and product. But the solutions even have to be flexible and cost-efficient. Standard machines that have regularly proven their worth with stable processes as in the case of the blister line BEC 300 are often used as a basis.


  • Reliable protection of operating staff, prevention of product contamination and elimination of environmental impact
  • Components are tried and tested, very robust and stable – ideal to build upon
  • Few, small and lightweight format parts for efficient product changeovers – also in the case of containment solutions
  • Easy to clean due to smooth, sloping surfaces


B 1240 Containment Line

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Uhlmann has summarized its expertise on the subject of containment in the white paper “Cost-Efficient Containment in Pharmaceutical Packaging”. The packaging specialists describe how containment measures can be effectively integrated into a packaging line, explaining how time and costs can be reduced as a result.

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