Customized solutions

Complete line competence from a single source

Everything is possible. This is the principle on which the specialists from Customized Packaging Systems develop and realize specifically tailored solutions to meet every need: from the initial idea to the appropriate packaging line. As an experienced systems partner, Uhlmann specializes in the design and implementation of packaging lines that accurately meet the customer’s specifications and production requirements.


  • Preparation and execution of concept and feasibility studies
  • Integration of non-Uhlmann components and machines into the packaging line
  • Development of complex packaging designs
  • Assistance in the elaboration of user requirements
  • Responsibility for project management and on-going support
  • Turnkey service – products and support services from a single source

Priority: a reliable process that meets complex packaging demands, including maximum output.

Double Al blister for an applicator

The challenge: production on a high-performance line with a containment solution. Likewise important: efficient handling.

Al tablet blister with cross perforation and tear notches

Required: high output, even when processing large-sized blisters.

Twin blister with perforation for soft gelatin capsules

Highlight: the exact dosing of parenteral products of low viscosity. Intelligent technology ensures high machine availability.

Gel blister

Important: protection of the product against unintentional activation; plus enhanced patient compliance through user-friendly administration.

Blister for inhaler

Essential: maximum protection of the heat-sensitive substances.

Twin blister with perforation for syringes with a needle guard

Packaging developed for patients with physical limitations. Also relevant: child-resistant features.

Syringe blister with tear-off flap

Target: attractive packaging combined with customer-friendly handling.

Combination blister for syringe and needles

Required: a packaging machine for the smallest of batches.

Combination blister for syringe and needles

The idea: the packaging of product kits for home-carer treatment and home therapy.

Combination blister for syringe, vial, needle, and applicator

Packaging developed for patients with physical limitations. Also important: the smallest possible pack size.

Pen blister with tear-off flap

The specification: an efficient, high-performance line.

Unsealed combination blister for vial and ampoule

The request: the effective and reliable packaging of mini batches of 7x4 weekly blisters. The focus being on simple and practical handling.

Large-sized blister for clinical trials

Priority: packaging as tight and as compact as possible. At the same time, an appealing pack shape for optimum presentation.

Tropical blister with embossing

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