The future-oriented Uhlmann SmartControl operating system has a functional interface, which is developed on the basis of extensive experience and implemented applying latest technology. The optical appearance is clear and of uniform structure. It allows process-oriented user guidance as well as optimum user experience throughout the entire machine-line network.

Intuitive user navigation for reliable and efficient processes

  • Intuitive layout: When operating staff change frequently, the fully graphical interface design with clear symbols and self-explanatory widgets aids quick operator familiarization with the packaging machine.
  • Numerous assistants within the navigation system support the operator during all production-related activities. This saves time during pharmaceutical packaging, particularly when products alternate frequently.
  • Process-oriented user guidance through all work processes secures a reliable pharmaceutical packaging process for the operating company.
  • The fully integrated machine documentation allows the prompt recording and analysis of errors. These can be evaluated on the basis of statistics and are available to the operator for a clear, on-the-spot analysis, or for further processing via a variety of interfaces like OPC-UA. Remote maintenance measures can be carried out through the remote equipment control system.
  • Mirroring in the line network allows a single operator to control and maintain all the machines via a single panel – also using an app. This cuts out unnecessary walking distances.

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