Stretch bander ES 60

Max. output 60 bundles/min.
Max. bundle size (AxBxH) 340x250x180 mm

The stretch bander ES 60 wraps cartons in optional bundle configurations for all pharmaceutical applications – flexible, economical, and reliable.

Flexible end-of-line packer for banded and shrink-wrapped bundles

The stretch bander ES 60 wraps cartons in optional bundle configurations and can be seamlessly integrated into the Uhlmann line. The handling of multi-lane bundles and various stacking systems offer maximum flexibility for pharmaceutical packaging. The GMP-compliant cantilever design allows the user good accessibility and facilitates cleaning. The SmartControl operating system permits intuitive and comprehensible operation of the ES 60. Furthermore, it assists the user during a format changeover, which can be completed in less than ten minutes as few format parts are involved. All these factors contribute to the particularly high efficiency of the ES 60.

Regarding product safety and traceability, the stretch bander ES 60 meets exacting standards. It is fitted with an integrated Track & Trace solution. Film embossing and printing are possible.

Handling products with a maximum carton width of 180 mm, the stretch bander ES 60 attains a maximum speed of 60 bundles per minute and a maximum infeed of 500 cartons per minute.

In addition to the stretch bander ES 60, “Uhlmann powered by pester pac automation” stands for three other end-of-line packaging machines: an overwrapper, a case packer, and a combined unit comprising a case packer and a palletizing module. The design, SmartControl operating system, and software of each end-of-line packer ensure seamless, full integration into an Uhlmann line.

Reliable process and uninterrupted production
The extensive, integrated protection, monitoring, and early warning systems of the ES 60 enhance the reliability of the process – after all, every conveyor stop impacts the OEE. Examples here are the tear control function that checks the top and bottom film, and an integrated safety system that signals when the film is coming to an end.

The film splicer in the stretch bander ES 60 permits an automatic reel changeover, ensuring smooth production without any stops. Both uninterrupted production and the integrated early warning systems significantly improve the economic efficiency of the packaging process.

Stretch bander ES 60 – numerous benefits in its favor:

  • Flexible: A positioning device as well as various stacking systems permit individual configuration of the carton bundles. The packer can handle multi-layer bundles.
  • Reliable: The tear control function monitors both the top and bottom film, and integrated safety and warning systems ensure a smooth process.
  • Ergonomic and safe: GMP-compliant, ergonomic design gives the user good accessibility, ensures easy cleaning of the working stations, and offers pharmaceutical safety of the highest standard.
  • Integrated: Full integration into the Uhlmann line with respect to the SmartControl operating system, design, and software enhances operation of the Stretch-banding machine ES 60.
  • User-friendly: Software-controlled processes, few format parts, and easy adjustments ensure a high level of user-friendliness.
  • Efficient: Short changeover times on the ES 60, on account of the small number of easily handled format parts and the automatic reel changeover, add to high productivity

Technical Data

Stretch bander ES 60

Max. output

60 bundles/min.

Max. bundle size [A x B x H]

340 x 250 x 180 mm

Max. infeed

500 cartons/min.

Max. carton size [A x B x H]

150 x 90 x 180 mm

Scope of application

cartons in bundles

The stretch bander ES 60 in detail

The stretch bander ES 60 stands for particularly efficient, flexible tertiary packaging: the bundling of cartons in sleeves. The packer is suitable for multi-lane bundles.

Variable packaging

The individual configuration of cartons bundles on the stretch bander ES 60 permits packaging solutions that meet all customer requirements. The various stacking systems and an integrated positioning device permit the customized configuration of bundles.

High process safety

Safety and warning devices, as well as the integrated film tear control function, top and bottom, add to process safety. A signal warns the user when the film is running short. The integrated film splicer allows an automatic reel changeover, thus ensuring continuous, uninterrupted production.

Fast format changeovers and easy cleaning

On account of the lightweight format parts, a straightforward format changeover is completed in less than ten minutes. Fast format changeovers and easy cleaning have a positive effect on the overall performance of the stretch bander ES 60. The few, lightweight format parts are easily replaced without tools. The structure of all surfaces makes cleaning easy.

Intuitive operating system

The stretch bander ES 60 is controlled via the SmartControl operating system. Its user-friendly interface offers intuitive user guidance through all production processes. Confident operation is attained by all employees after a short initiation phase.

Track & Trace integrated

The ES 60 allows the optional integration of printing and inspection systems for every application. For example, both sealed ends can be embossed and printed. Code readers monitor correct application of the 1D or 2D code to the film.

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