Flexibility at high speed for fragile containers

LiPro – short for Liquid Product – is a highly flexible, servo-regulated system that competently meets the growing demand for higher output and maximum product protection when feeding fragile containers such as vials, cartridges or ampoules.


  • Robot arm with flexible vacuum suction cups
  • Few, easy-to-change format parts
  • Gentle handling protects labels and avoids breakage
  • Automatic “run empty” function – eliminates manual removal of products
  • User-friendly due to ergonomic filling height

Operating method

  • A vibratory conveyor transports the products on a vibration plate to the pick-up position
  • A pneumatically driven slide distributes the products evenly
  • A rake guides the products into lines and from there they continue into the slots of the separating roller
  • The servo-driven roller turns the products 90 degrees into a horizontal position
  • An articulated robot arm with vacuum suction cups fills the products from the separating roller and accurately places them into the formed web
  • In the case of clamp-packs, the press-in station gently pushes the products into the pocket

Feedable products

1. Cartridge, 2. Vial, 3. Ampoule, 4. Pump spray

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