Efficient, dedicated placement of syringes

SyPro stands for "syringe product". The innovative feeding system gently places glass and plastic syringes into the formed web.


  • Robot arm with flexible vacuum suction cups
  • Few, easy-to-change format parts
  • Gentle handling to protect labels
  • Automatic “run empty” function – eliminates manual removal of products
  • Straightforward maintenance with easy-to-clean parts

Operating method

  • The syringes arrive at the feeder unit suspended in a single lane
  • Vibrating bars move the products into a guide elbow
  • This brings the syringes into a horizontal position ready for individual placement onto a continuous motion prism conveyor
  • An articulated robot arm with vacuum suction cups lifts the syringes from the conveyor and accurately places them into the formed web
  • In the case of clamp-packs, the press-in station gently pushes the syringes into the pockets

Feedable products

1. Syringe, 2. Syringe with needlestick protection

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