Straightforward functionality for versatile use

The brush box feeder is particularly suitable for all products that can easily be swept into the pockets, e.g. bi-convex products and capsules. As format parts are not dictated by the product shape, this feeder is the cost-efficient option for a wide range of applications on all blister machines.


  • Cost-efficient on account of random feeding with sweeping technology
  • Versatile feeder for many product shapes
  • For all thermoforming materials
  • Low-cost format parts
  • Fast changeover and cleaning of format parts

Operating method

  • The products pass from the hopper to the vibratory chute. Dedusting here removes dust and product chips
  • The products move through the product chute and feed hose into the brush box feeder box
  • Rotating brushes and planetary stirrers sweep the products into the formed pockets
  • To optimize filling efficiency the speed of the brushes and stirrers as well as their height setting from the web can be adjusted individually

Feedable products

1. Tablet flat, 2. Tablet bi-convex, 3. Coated tablet, 4. Sphere, 5. Caplet bi-convex, 6.Tablet oval bi-convex, 7. Tablet oval bi-convex, 8. Octagonal flat, 9. Special shape rectangular, 10. Rhombus bi-convex, 11. Special shape bi-convex, 12. Soft gelatine capsule oblong, 13. Soft gelatine capsule oval, 14. Hard gelatine capsule, 15. Hard gelatine capsule, 16. Special shape bi-convex

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