Serialization & Labeling

More flexible, more compact, and more favorably priced: the next generation for serialization

Unique carton marking and tracking are handled by tailored printing and inspection systems integrated into the cartoner, or by the S 500, the latest upgrade level of the well-established Uhlmann Serialization Platform. More compact, more flexible, and more favorably priced, the system provides reliable serialization and fast response to changing specifications. The unit is fitted with an inkjet printer and VisioRead inspection system, and can be integrated into a line or used flexibly at new or existing packaging machines and lines. Other features meeting additional requirements, such as tamper-evident labeling, top labeling, and top printing, will soon be available. In addition, further models of the S 500 series are to be added for the serialization of bottles and 360° bottle inspection.

An essential element of every Track & Trace by Uhlmann application is the in-house software developed to record, aggregate, and manage serialization data collected from the machine. This is transferred to line and site management levels.


  • Existing packaging lines – whether from Uhlmann or other suppliers – are quickly capable of serialization
  • Flexible, modular system for individual configuration and extension
  • Fast and straightforward format adjustment without format parts
  • Ergonomic operation and easy accessibility
  • GMP-compliant machine design for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Uhlmann HMI: SmartControl operating panel for all functions – including camera and printer



S 500 basic module: compact unit with inkjet printer and VisioRead inspection system


S 500 basic module with function extension e.g. for Tamper Evident Labeling, Top Printing and Top Labeling


Serialization Platform S 500

Animation Uhlmann Serialization Platform

Track & Trace by Uhlmann

Animation Track & Trace

Technical Data

Serialization and Labeling S 500

Max. output

300-500* cartons/min.

Minimum carton size [A x B x H]

30 x 15 x 85 mm

Max. carton size [A x B x H]

180 x 105 x 250 mm

Conveyor speed

max. 60 m/min.**

* Optional upgrade

** Depending on packaging material quality and carton geometry

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