Intelligent packaging for blisters and bottles

The efficient packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters and bottles is only the beginning of an optimized packaging process. Depending on individual requirements, other modules follow downstream, which, in the ideal case, are incorporated to form an integral line:

  • Cartoners for the packaging of blisters or bottles, patient information, and application aids in cartons with a wide variety of closure forms
  • Stretch-banding machines for the bundling of blisters, bottles, and cartons
  • Overwrapper for the complete wrapping of single cartons or carton bundles
  • Case packers for the packaging of cartons or carton bundles in cases for dispatch
  • Palletizer for the fully automated loading or unloading of dispatch cases 

Modern control and inspection systems for all steps of the pharmaceutical packaging process, as well as Track & Trace solutions, are available to meet serialization and marking specifications. 

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