Uhlmann Serialization Platform (USP)

Max. 300 cartons/min.
Max. carton size 130 x 105 x 240 mm

Ideal to meet current serialization requirements

The Uhlmann Serialization Platform is a compact, standalone unit with fully automated format adjustment. The modular platform, incorporating modules for printing, inspection, tamper-evident labeling, checkweighing, and top labeling, is ideal to meet current serialization requirements.


  • Existing packaging lines – whether from Uhlmann or other suppliers – can be made fit for serialization avoiding longer downtimes
  • Modular design allows extension at all times
  • Fast, straightforward, and fully automated format adjustment
  • GMP-compliant machine design for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Uhlmann HMI: one operating panel for all functions – including camera and printer

Discovery more about Track & Trace by Uhlmann: www.track-trace-by-uhlmann.com



USP basic module: Compact unit with inkjet or laser marking and VisioRead inspection system


USP basic modul plus tamper-evident labeling


USP basic module plus upstream checkweigher


Everything for all applications: Checkweighing, printing, inspection, tamper-evident, labeling


Maximum USP for weighing, printing, inspection, tamper-evident labeling and top labeling


Animation Uhlmann Serialization Platform

Track & Trace by Uhlmann

Animation Track & Trace

Technical Data

Uhlmann Serialization Platform USP

Max. output

300 cartons/min.

Belt speed

max. 60 m/min.

Minimum carton size [A x B x H]

30 x 15 x 67 mm

Max. carton size [A x B x H]

130 x 105 x 240 mm (300 cartons/min.)

Carton weight

max. 300 g

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