Global Service Management System


The number of service technicians serving Uhlmann worldwide is well above one hundred. These are supported by programmers, specialized experts, and trainers as required. Who is best suited to make the next service visit?  Who has available capacity and can attend as quickly as possible? Who has the necessary know-how? In order to be able to give prompt answers to these questions, Uhlmann has introduced its Global Service Management System. The global roll-out will be completed in November 2019.

The system not only simplifies and speeds up the search for suitable service experts, but also supports Uhlmann employees prior to, during, and after a service visit. This aspect results in a number of advantages for Uhlmann customers. In addition to the faster organization of service visits, information can be exchanged digitally with the service technician before a visit. Once on site, the Uhlmann expert has access to all assembly data and receives optimum support. The customer receives a comprehensive, paperless service report per e-mail at the end of a visit. Once signed, the report is forwarded directly to one or more e-mail addresses, and can be issued in five languages, as required. This enables the customer to immediately process and file feedback data in various departments. The service technician can also quickly initiate all follow-up measures directly in the SAP system through the Global Service Management System. The system is not only used by Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co.KG, but also installed for all the other branch offices – for uniform data quality for all service visits worldwide. “We see ourselves as a leading provider in the pharmaceutical packaging sector – also in terms of services. The new Global Service Management System enables us to fulfill this commitment”, states Kai Kathan, Team Leader Services at Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG.