B 1440X3 Performance Upgrade


Upgrade: Up to 40 percent added output with existing B 1440 blister line

Those wishing to attain a significantly higher output with an existing machine can make use of the B 1440X3 performance upgrade available since the beginning of the year. By extending the blister line from two to three lanes, the maximum output increases from 500 to 700 blisters per minute. The high-performance category is easily reached this way – with the existing blister line. This upgrade is a highly attractive option, particularly when added production capacity is needed in the long term. It is suitable for Blister machine B 1440 in combination with Cartoner C 2504 or C 2305.

The investment is moderate, yet offers numerous benefits for the pharmaceutical packaging process:
•    Increased maximum output of 700 blisters/minute
•    High maximum output of 450 cartons/minute combined with C 2504
•    Attractive solution for entry into a higher performance category
•    Particularly suitable for large product batches or a dedicated production line
•    Further use of existing (two-lane) line format sets 

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