Digital Pioneers 2020

The Digital Solutions business unit at Uhlmann is responding to current and future customer requirements with integrated, individual digital solutions.


Digital Pioneers 2020 – "digital score" ranking lists Uhlmann among the Top 50 medium-sized business

In cooperation with the WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Munich Strategy and BLOOM have, for the second time, identified the 50 medium-sized companies that are digital pioneers – and Uhlmann is among them.

Munich Strategy and BLOOM assessed over 4000 Germany medium-sized compa-nies with an annual turnover between €5 million and €1 billion from all sectors. Out of 400 finalists, the 50 companies with the highest "digital score" were identified and were awarded the title of "Digital Pioneer". Two-thirds of the calculation was based on digital performance and one-third was based on the company's growth strength.

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG in Laupheim is a global leader in providing systems for packing pharmaceuticals in blister packaging, bottles and boxes. The company offers flexible total solutions for international pharmaceutical companies, generic manufacturers and contract packagers, as well as with regard to the increas-ing digitalization of production and packaging processes. Here, Uhlmann has an extensive range of innovative products, which allows for scalable networking from the machines right through to the cloud. This digital expertise also contributed to the fact that Uhlmann was able to continue to provide service as usual to customers whilst travel restrictions were in place due to COVID-19. This meant, for example, that machine acceptance could be carried out via live chats and video conferences.