Press photo - Blister machine BLU 400
Attaining an output of 400 blisters/minute, the BLU 400 is tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical market when it comes to the packaging of liquid dose products.

Press photo - Blister machine B 1880
Attaining an output of 1,300 blisters/minute, the B 1880 is the world's fastest blister machine. Download

Press photo - Cartoner C 2504
Cartoner C 2504 packages up to 500 cartons/minute which makes it the ideal machine for high-speed and super high-speed production. Download

Press photo - Blister line BEC 300
The compact BEC 300 for the packaging of small and medium sized batches is a convincing option that offers customary high quality at an attractive price. Download

Press photo - Blister line BEC 400
The BEC 400 is the ideal line for the processing of all common solid dose products and types of forming material in batches of up to 150,000 packs.


Press photo - Blister line BEC 500
Pack solid dose products efficiently and flexibly - with the BEC 500, a dual-lane packaging line for the medium output range. Download

Press photo - Blister line BEC 700
The BEC 700 is the sequel based on the proven BEC blister line concept. And, with its three-lane operation, packages up to 700 blisters per minute. Download

Press photo - Stretch-banding machine S 3040
Stretch-banding machine S 3040 - space-saving, reliable, low in maintenance. Download

Press photo - Bottle line IBC 150
The IBC 150 handles up to 150 bottles or 24,000 tablets or capsules per minute and is reset to a different bottle diameter in just six minutes. Download

Press photo - Labeler L 180
No matter whether round, oval or rectangular containers made of plastic or glass - the Labeler L 180 ensures efficient labeling. Download